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Law Enforcement RDS Handgun Instructor

Wed-Thurs May 10-11, 2023 Location: East Vincent Township Police Chester County

  • Ended
  • 425 US dollars
  • 262 Ridge Rd. Spring City, PA. 19475

Class Overview & Gear

Course Overview & Gear This course is designed to educate Law Enforcement Handgun Instructors in the correct use, application and implementation of RDS (Red Dot Sights) and MRDS (Miniature Red Dot Sights) systems within their law enforcement agency, whether for on duty, or for personal and off duty use. The handgun RDS system is very different than the one commonly found on the rifle once applied to a handgun. Training in this discipline is imperative. This physically and mentally stimulating 16 hour course will educate Law Enforcement Handgun Instructors in the safe and effective application of advanced RDS drills, and methods of instruction, to help prepare them for the education of officers on the effective use of RDS systems on and off duty. Topics Covered: Zeroing considerations and zeroing the dot RDS fundamentals Recommended RDS systems for duty Duty optic care and maintenance Remediating RDS malfunctions Finding the dot Learning from the dot The impact of neuroscience on sight picture True threat focus with RDS Use of cover Low light applications Qualification and training requirements for RDS systems Diagnosing inadequacies relevant to fundamentals Drill development, isolation vs practical TRUE combat accuracy Standards for pistol speed and accuracy relevant to Law Enforcement Benefits of RDS systems Methods of Instruction Required Gear: RDS Handgun 3 or more magazines Holster compatible with RDS system (duty or concealed) Holster for spare magazines Eye Protection Ear Protection Baseball style cap 950 Rounds of ammunition 50 Rounds of duty/self-defense ammunition Optic tool or item capable of adjusting sighting system for optic Large felt tip marker Flashlight & or weapon mounted light Notepad & Pen/Pencil Recommended OPTIONAL Gear: Spare Optic mounted pistol Knee pads Elbow pads Gun cleaning kit/oil Extra batteries compatible with optic Armory kit Optic manual Water Snacks

Cancellation Policy

There is a 50 percent refund if the client cancels their slot 30 days prior to the course. Any cancellations within 30 days of the course are non-refundable. A party may opt to send an individual in their place as long as one weeks notice is given and the new party meets all prerequisites for the course.

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