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Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor Course

 Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor Certification

Course Overview

Course Information

Why Choose This Course?


  • This Instructor course meets and exceeds all MPOETC requirements and is approved by MPOETC allowing instructors to conduct yearly qualifications and training for police officers

  • We teach officers how to educate others, not just run them through drills

  • Our instruction is based off years of scientific data collected relative to the best methods of instruction for physical skill development 

  • The course is designed so that instructors ensure other officers exceed the ability to pass qualifications, and empower them with advanced skills, to help survive a lethal force encounter

  • This course includes concealed carry and red dot sight instruction with live fire. Your instructors will be educated in and be able to teach officers skills specific to these topics. You may not utilize red dot sights yet within your department, but they are becoming more prevalent within the law enforcement community. Instructors must be educated on how to utilize these devices and teach those who choose to use them how to correctly and proficiently deploy red dot sights

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Most mainstream firearm instructor certifications revolve around educating the potential instructors with just enough knowledge and skill to get the potential instructor and other officers through qualifications. While possessing the ability to pass state qualifications should be an objective for any firearm instructor course, it should not be the main focus and entire purpose of the course. The ability to pass qualifications and teach those to pass qualifications should come with ease due to the level of skill and knowledge acquired during the firearm instructor certification course.The Absolute Dynamics Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor Course is a premier firearm instructor certification program. This course is approved by MPOETC (Municipal Police Officer's Education and Training Commission), recognizing officers who possess this certification as Firearm Instructors. This certification will allow officers to conduct qualifications and training for police officers. During instruction, students will learn how to safely create, plan, and present course material and live fire training on the range. Students will also learn through lecture, demonstration, and live fire exercise, current concepts and principals relative to weapons manipulation, firearm tactics, methods of instruction, remediation techniques, and many advanced skills associated with law enforcement handgun tactics. This 6 day firearm instructor course, will have the newly certified instructor confident in his/her ability to qualify, train, and empower an officer with crucial techniques and efficient movements. This will not only assist them in passing state qualifications, but improve their ability to defend life during lethal force encounters.

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